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Purchase Militaria

Continuous purchase of military antiques!
We are looking for:


- Field post letters and cards 1st + 2nd WW
- Field postcards western and eastern front 1st WW
- WW1 documents such as military passports, certificates, maps,...
- Photos and photo albums 1st WW
- Medals and award certificates 1st WW
- Uniforms and equipment 1st WW e.g. sabres, caps,...
- Field post letters and maps WW2
- 2nd WK documents such as soldier's book, military pass, identity cards,...
- Photos and photo albums 2nd WK
- Orders and decorations + certificates 2nd WW
- Uniforms and uniform parts 2nd WW like steel helmet,...
- 2nd WW military equipment such as tarpaulin, rucksack,...
- Objects, such as oil paintings, busts,... 2ND WK
- Also wanted: old postcards and postcard albums up to 1945, tin toys, civilian badges and pins up to 1945, etc.